Saturday, June 25, 2016


We don't need no refugees.
We don't need no immigration.
No dark strangers in the neighbourhood.
Merkel, let us live alone.
Hey! Merkel! Leave us Brits alone!
All in all it's just a pain in the Ass.
All in all you're just pain in the Ass.

"No, Take more refugees!"
"If you don't take refugees, you can't do business.
How can you do business if you don't accept refugees?"
"You! Yes, you behind the gates, open the gates!"

(with an apology to PF)

But the gates don't open. Instead, a brick falls off the wall and a link breaks off the union. Now the question is, what will the union use to fill the empty space? How will it cover up for the missing brick?

But the writing on the wall is clear. The wall will never be the same again. We are bound to see more empty spaces on the wall in future.

Once the Berlin wall was felled to unite nations and people, but fall of this wall would mean division and disintegration. After all, sometimes its not a bad idea to be and REMAIN just another brick in the wall.