Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tom & Jerry show

Wall up the Street

Screenplay - 1
Smiling Tom is building a Wall on the Street, brick by brick. Amused Jerry is energetically passing him bricks. Soon they run out of bricks. Smart Jerry pulls out a brick from the bottom of the wall and passes it on to Tom, who with growing vigour and ecstasy, is busy pasting brick layers on top. One by one, jerry is pulling bricks from bottom of the wall and Tom is pasting them one over the other, layer after layer, without looking down.

Screenplay - 2
Now their wall is hanging in the air, Jerry is still pulling out bricks within his reach and a virtually blissfull Tom is singing/whistling a song while pasting bricks on top. Scared but cunning Jerry, takes off from the spot as he sees the wall collapsing. Tom, oblivious of the disaster, without looking down shouts, "Jerry, Quick a brick!" and the next moment, Doom daam dhok!!! Crash*@# Tom is buried under the heap of bricks.

Tom: Investors
Jerry: Ben S. Bernanke

Wall street, New york