Friday, July 31, 2015

Orchestrated Rise and fall of Shanghai Symphony

A large chunk of  Chinese money has been stolen by the Blob during last one month. The conspiracy was hatched last year and a huge amount of money was pumped into the Chinese Stock market at a time when Chinese economy had already slowed down. Greedy Chinese individual investors fell into the trap and started buying stocks by borrowing money without having a clue of the true state of affairs.

Over a short period of  6 months the index doubled in June this year. Stock prices of spurious companies soared and rocketed. A false sense of well-being descended. Chinese main land never had it so good before. Ordinary people became rich overnight.  Just when all were aiming for the sky, blob withdrew the phony foundation and the stock market veered down and fell under gravity. Over a short period of one month, trillions of dollars were siphoned out.

There is still a 25-30% downside to Shanghai composite Index from its current levels. However, the Blob will decide if it wants to continue the diminuendo or quickly take the composition to a crescendo from here.