Thursday, January 15, 2009

No thanks pls.

Kaalopur Bank was operating in my backyard for some years. The activity in the bank was growing during the last few years and early 2008 was one of the busiest periods for the bank. But with world financial collapse, things started falling back until one day I saw 'For Sale!!!' board outside the bank. I made some enquiries and found, it was falling under my domain and resources to fulfil my lifetime fantasy to become a banker.
I made up my mind to buy out the bank. I mustered all my resources, liquid and fixed. But found out, I was falling short by a paltry sum. But no one would lend me these days. Then I thought of my son's piggy bank, which had a huge reserves by now as he had a direct access to my wallet. It was like a dream coming true. I opened up the piggy bank in his absence. I got a shock of my life, it was empty. But I could not muster courage to ask him where the money had gone.
....And I lost a lifetime opportunity to become a banker. My close friend bought out the bank. But recently, I saw a big lock hanging outside his house and I was told that the bank was heavily into debt and the bankers had cooked books to show false balance sheet before selling the bank. Unable to cope up with the bank's liabilities, my friend was absconding with his family.
I heaved a sigh of relief and when I reached home that night, I called my son and asked him quietly, where had he purged the money from his PB.
He smiled and replied, "I siphoned it off to safe havens."
"But I was banking on it all this while.", I said with fake urgency.
He said, "I know, Pa, that's why I did it."
I said lovingly, " Thank you, Sunny. You saved us all. I owe you one."
"Forget it, Pa. I no more believe in debts." was his careless reply.