Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue moon over Dalal Street

In a gross over-reaction to a straight govt at the centre, investors have gone berserk and pouring in as if there is no tomorrow in times when the world economy is well into menopause.

Fresh cows entering the pasture will soon hit the yellow spot and will be left high and dry. The episode, only underlines our herd mentality even in the age when they say man is transiting into super human state. On the smooth surfaces, man has mastered the art of creating cliffs, just to fall off them and fuck self.

Caution! Caution!! Caution!!! are the key words.

Being a die-hard BJP man, not the result that I expected - but the garbage dumper loaded with King Makers and Horse Traders make my day.

Shine India Shine.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Indo Chini bhai bhai

Two major events of the decade concluded amid great euphoria. But the end of the first event was followed by great depression. The second event has concluded today.

...Can you feel it coming in the air tonite, oh lord!