Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ben the Blob

Kabbadi, kabbadi, kabbadi...
My favourite, the Blob, has been at it again. In the last move, Ben the Blob (my tribute to the great economist), has screwed living daylight out of stock markets. Now, the only high remains over Oil. It has to be seen when Ben veers and hits 'the city of thousand and one'. After Ben has blown the lid over barrel, we may go in for the head count in the city of thousand and one. But please don't shoot the blind man, 'cause he saweth no evil.
At the bottom of the barrel, ignorance rests in peace.

Commercial Justice

Trade is exchange of value and worth. "An eye for an eye", is the economical and commercial justice.

But they believe in, "a wink for an eye" and live lavishly on debts, mortgages, subsidies and alms. The clan is growing fast under the auspices of godfathers. These godfathers fly in choppers with loads of crisp currency notes and shower them on their followers. These promissory notes coming fresh out of the printing machines carry promise of worth on them. But in absence of sweat and soil, these claims remain phoney as fart and the printed paper worths no more than a toilet paper.