Tuesday, March 24, 2009


After Trillion becomes a household name, next in line is Zillion. Thanks to dollar's plight in the world market, our kids have been exposed to astronomical numbers in their tender years when we were playing marbles - ek, do, teen...(one, two, three...)

Billions of humanoids are hanging on to trillions of dollars and many more of them are just clinching on to a lost dream.

On the hind side, this downturn has given a long rope to mankind.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Satisfied with phone banking and net banking, I really never had the need to go to my bank. But one day since I was passing by, I thought of dropping in the new premises of the Bank and execute some odd banking tasks.

As I entered the bank lobby, I was hugged by the atmosphere of a leading world-class luxury hotel. A huge plush place, which will turn any five star hotel green with envy. The whole world of space had only few counters manned by well clad and well fed (must be well paid too) guys and gals catering to even lesser number of guests oops!! customers.

I was simply shocked at the splurge and the mindless waste of resources and money. It is not the India that I know. This is simplicity of east possessed by gaudy wild west, with philosophy of 'live and let die', living life as if there is no tomorrow.

But these crazy barons of power do not realise, this wild fire will spread fast and will spare no tree unburnt.

Only wish, some sense prevails in the end...