Wednesday, July 27, 2011

House of fart with a rising ceiling

Once upon a time there lived a man in a small house. He was very fond of eating. He ate and ate and farted. His house used to stink badly. A friend advised him to raise the ceiling of the house so that the warm stinking air was lifted up and remained out of circulation.

He heeded to the advice and raised the ceiling. Now he had more room to breathe but his gluttony bloated out of proportions with the heightened ceiling. He ate much more and farted more till the smell caught up with him once again. This time he had a handy solution. He lifted up the ceiling once again getting rid of the scent of his gluttony once more. It became a routine affair as he kept on hitting new heights until the foundation of the house could no longer support his gluttony and the ceiling came down crashing with the walls. The hog was buried deep under the debris of his own doing, but the entire neighbourhood was left gasping for fresh air for days.

p.s. Above is one of the most absurd piece ever written, but so is the economics of debt.


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