Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Alone in my watch cabin
Filled with kind of an emptiness.
Time seems to stand still
Like the placid seas.

A thought strikes
Like ripple in the ocean.
Then a train of thoughts commutes freely
Through the liquid gate.

Journey back and forth in time
Undulates my captive mind.
Colours of gone and yet to come
Leave a gaping gap.

As hollow now haunts my soul
In this aquatic jail.
Life line made of hope and dream
Make my virtual escape.

Evening Sky (July, 1995)

Western horizon,
Glowing with shades of crimson, yellow and red,
Burn with unfulfilled desire…
As I see strawberry scoop melting down on blue hot plate.

Hustling wind,
Fresh with fragrance and damp with hitch hiking droplets.
Give you a running hug….
As I see lock unlock and a silken spill over your petite face.

Naughty wind,
Intoxicated with freshly acquired lust and a boost up strength.
Unfurls your fabric colours….
As I see smooth tender half and more covered in lace.

Innocent you,
Unaware of exposed property and a voyeuristic theft,
Look into my popping sockets…
I see a reflection of horizon on your blushing face.