Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Paper Market

Could somebody turn off the volume please!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Happy 2009

After having a great bull run, bulls shat in 2008.

Come Christmas, the year of total collapse is coming to an end. Now the question is, will it also mark the end of the collapse or the financial winter is there to stay?
At the moment many chefs across the world are desperately trying to reignite the douched fire. They are using various means to melt the frozen ice(liquidity) like lowering interest rates and bailing out toxic assets etc. At the same time they are trying to revive hypothermic demand by weaving a blanket of employment.

But the financial crisis is not the only problem the world is facing today.

The real issue is that of shrinking resources. With information flow, world has become a small place. Entire population of humanoid is marching through the narrow bridge of resources to an era of greed and avarice. The resonating bridge is swinging violently, hence the economic instability.

Secondly, in this selfish and standardized world there is little place for other forms of life and no room for views other than those set. Result, earth is losing its bio-diversity and other environmental problems are now looming large giving rise to natural Instability.

It's time, we take time to think and change the world. An Indian need not live like European and Chinese may stick to his original chop sticks. Americans and Japanese may sacrifice speed in this congested world. Europeans may seek pleasure in life rather than in material. At the same time new technology must replace the old. Optimized usage of nature friendly resources must be the priority. Capex must go into new renewable resource technology and not into bailing out the existing rot industry.

In this period of uncertainty and instability, there are many ifs and butts. But one thing is for sure, any quick fix solution to today's problem would be temporary and we may see year 2008 revisit soon after the fix.

And finally, to educated cream with brain: Leave accounting, finance and speculation to fools. 'cause luck n money favour only fools.

Wish you all a Merry christmas and a happy 2009.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Moon Landing

Get ready for the third phase of the equity landing.
Terrorist acts of 26th November, 2008, have been an eye opener for the economy crazy societies across the world. As world has suddenly realized that they need to invest in their national security first and foremost rather than wasting it on greedy and selfish corporates.
If at all you can make out from Obama's y'day's discourse, Its going to be national security before anything else. And so would be the global thinking after the shocking audacity of the devil - "Bail out humanity first."