Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We don't need another hero.

The Current worldwide recession presented a golden opportunity for man to wriggle out of the technological mess that we have got into.

It was an opportunity to discard the processes which were heavy on resources. It was the opportunity to dispose off the disposable culture and brace on the recycling culture. It was our last chance to shake hands with nature.

In stead, our policy makers chose to flood the markets with paper money, the most desired ammo to carry on with the onslaught against environment. Loaded with the top ammo, we have another hero on the set to terminate recession. Monkey business will continue wrecking havoc on nature. Our hero will get an standing ovation for drawing out the first blood. But whether he would be able to stand the final assault, is beyond his imagination and control.

However, he has already scripted the last scene - Lights - Dimly lit graveyard. Sound - playing faintly in the background, "We don't need another hero..." & Camera!