Tuesday, April 13, 2010

...where angels fear to tread.

She bought the apartment for 280,000 euros in July 2007 with the aid of a huge bank loan.
She realises now that she made a mistake in buying at the top of the market. "I lost my common sense in that period," she says.
"I was not thinking about the money. It was really a lot of money, I now understand, but in that moment, the money didn't matter. Only the flat mattered." (- As reported by BBC)

That was 2007. Three years on..., no lesson learnt. Markets are rushing in where angels fear to tread. Dubai is smouldering under the carpet, China is ready to burst. India is looking down from the top floor of Burj Dubai (assuming it to be the height of foolishness), and is all set for bungee jumping, as India's flagship company, RIL, goes into overdrive chasing the American 'Shale' dream.