Friday, April 17, 2009

Englishman in New York

"Ek salaa machchher aadmi ko hinjda bana deta hai." Who understood Nana Patekar better than great Bill Gates. In a drive against malaria, he is shelling out big buck to terminate the microsoft vampire.

But when Bill's little Don Quixote entered the Wall Street to seek refuge, he realised, he was an Englishman in New York. The buck-biting mosquitoes of stock market were too good for the guile of the malaria parasite carrier.

No doubt the sly swarm has left the entire financial system into a flurry and scurry.

Gotta mobilize Liquidator, vaporizer, Coil, Mat, Oil or a simple Swatter to repel or knock down the parasite, until the system builds up immunity against the (t)raiders or keep clapping all of us.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cross Breeding

Once a beauty queen wanted to marry Albert Einstein, because she thought their off-spring would be an excellent mix of brain and beauty. But Einstein turned down the proposal as he feared, what if the cross breed was a mix of their dormant genes i.e. physique of the old man and brain of the beauty.

Today's market is Einstein's fear come alive. Top jobs at wall street have delivered a dumb and frightful baby.

My request to the monkey with spanner, "please don't mess with owl or donkey. Fix this overheated engine first else the dog in the heat will screw us all one day."