Saturday, June 25, 2016


We don't need no refugees.
We don't need no immigration.
No dark strangers in the neighbourhood.
Merkel, let us live alone.
Hey! Merkel! Leave us Brits alone!
All in all it's just a pain in the Ass.
All in all you're just pain in the Ass.

"No, Take more refugees!"
"If you don't take refugees, you can't do business.
How can you do business if you don't accept refugees?"
"You! Yes, you behind the gates, open the gates!"

(with an apology to PF)

But the gates don't open. Instead, a brick falls off the wall and a link breaks off the union. Now the question is, what will the union use to fill the empty space? How will it cover up for the missing brick?

But the writing on the wall is clear. The wall will never be the same again. We are bound to see more empty spaces on the wall in future.

Once the Berlin wall was felled to unite nations and people, but fall of this wall would mean division and disintegration. After all, sometimes its not a bad idea to be and REMAIN just another brick in the wall.  

Friday, July 31, 2015

Orchestrated Rise and fall of Shanghai Symphony

A large chunk of  Chinese money has been stolen by the Blob during last one month. The conspiracy was hatched last year and a huge amount of money was pumped into the Chinese Stock market at a time when Chinese economy had already slowed down. Greedy Chinese individual investors fell into the trap and started buying stocks by borrowing money without having a clue of the true state of affairs.

Over a short period of  6 months the index doubled in June this year. Stock prices of spurious companies soared and rocketed. A false sense of well-being descended. Chinese main land never had it so good before. Ordinary people became rich overnight.  Just when all were aiming for the sky, blob withdrew the phony foundation and the stock market veered down and fell under gravity. Over a short period of one month, trillions of dollars were siphoned out.

There is still a 25-30% downside to Shanghai composite Index from its current levels. However, the Blob will decide if it wants to continue the diminuendo or quickly take the composition to a crescendo from here. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

El Nino

Just when the trade winds are turning around and letting the eastern warmth gravitate to USWC, the blob is blowing against the wind of change and creating high over eastern markets. It is time for the mother earth to feed the child on her left breast, while the one on the right will have to stay hungry for sometime. Probably knowing this, the blob has arrived east to suck some blood out of the still healthy baby.    

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pandora's Box

Current upheavals in the emerging markets suggest that the induction of fiat money in the developing markets after the collapse of the developed economies was nothing less than drug trafficking in the lesser world by the USA.

What we see now are the withdrawal symptoms.

The money lord, Ben Bernanke, pumped in the green supplies into the hungry world, where humanity was required more than frigging prosperity.  Poor subjects got instantaneously high on the poisonous ivy. Trash of west headed east. Along came oil and gas and the whole load of Pandora‚Äôs box viz. envy, hate, crime & disease and last but not the least, Hope. The hallucinating world was given a title kick and from developing they were elevated to 'Emerging' status overnight. 

As we are now coming off the high, while all other bugs are here to stay, the tiniest of them all, Hope, is fading fast. Will there be status change for the inebriated world, from emerging to disappearing world?

Friday, May 31, 2013

Humpty Dumpty Rupee in a borewell

Rupee has followed numerous Indian kids down the borewell after the worker bees have turned net consumer in the hive.

More spending than earning has finally pushed rupee to a corner where speculators have taken over the charge with heavy punches and blows. Poor thing right now is in catch 22. Any efforts to rescue might push it deeper in the well.

The assaulted rupee is bound to have its toll on Indian economy and stock markets in near future. Govt. spending cuts and interest rates hike, though not desirable, are the only two options left. Speculators will also be leashed.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Gold Ahoy!!!

Not long ago, mob jeered US dollar and bayed for blood. Euro was then being touted as the suitable replacement.

Today, the table has turned on Euro itself and the jilted greenback has come to the rescue of it's half brother as Central banks around the world cut back the rates on dollar swap lines. Without addressing the root cause, these remedies (same drug under different generic names) will only deepen the crisis.

In last many years, all we have seen is, more dollars followed by more greenbacks in the market. This will certainly translate into more debts for Euro zone & uncle Sam but the yellow metal will keep on shining, brighter and brighter.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

House of fart with a rising ceiling

Once upon a time there lived a man in a small house. He was very fond of eating. He ate and ate and farted. His house used to stink badly. A friend advised him to raise the ceiling of the house so that the warm stinking air was lifted up and remained out of circulation.

He heeded to the advice and raised the ceiling. Now he had more room to breathe but his gluttony bloated out of proportions with the heightened ceiling. He ate much more and farted more till the smell caught up with him once again. This time he had a handy solution. He lifted up the ceiling once again getting rid of the scent of his gluttony once more. It became a routine affair as he kept on hitting new heights until the foundation of the house could no longer support his gluttony and the ceiling came down crashing with the walls. The hog was buried deep under the debris of his own doing, but the entire neighbourhood was left gasping for fresh air for days.

p.s. Above is one of the most absurd piece ever written, but so is the economics of debt.